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Our Portfolio Companies
Catalyzing Innovation and Growth for Our Dynamic Portfolio of Tech Ventures

SciPub+: Your Team of Scientific Writing Assistants

Revolutionize Your Academic Writing

SciPub+ transforms academic writing with AI-powered assistants, simplifying every step from outlining to final proofreading. Streamline research papers, theses, and more with intuitive tools designed for efficiency and precision in scientific writing.

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Cash2pay: Bridging the Digital Divide

Aiding Cash2pay's journey to digital inclusion.

Through strategic counsel and product design support, Taktek is crucial in Cash2pay's development of an innovative fintech solution that turns physical cash into digital credit. Our collaboration aligns with our commitment to financial empowerment, as we support Cash2pay's future full-scale launch to transform online transactions in regions with limited internet and banking services.

Cash2pay digital inclusion illustration

Empowering Tech-Accessibility with Findaso

Fueling Findaso's vision of transforming the B2B technology marketplace.

Taktek's strategic input and product consulting are crucial pillars of Findaso's success, facilitating its recognition as an official partner within Turkey's major tech ecosystem. As we anticipate the expansion of their impact through strategic matchmaking deals in India and Azerbaijan, we continue to bolster Findaso's position in a world moving towards greater technology accessibility.

Findaso B2B technology marketplace illustration

Lobalpay: Reshaping Remittances

Lobalpay's P2P platform, unlocks easy remittances for international students.

Aided by our strategic product redesign and legal consultations, Lobalpay has saved users over 100,000 Euros in remittance fees within its first operational year. Lobalpay eyes Canadian expansion, ready to further disrupt the financial landscape.

Lobalpay remittances illustration

LobalCard: Redefining Tourist Transactions

Championing LobalCard's innovative approach to travel banking.

Taktek's integrative strategies have streamlined Lobalcard's operations, aiding them to issue 100 tourist cards within a testing period of three months. As we anticipate their global expansion, we continue to endorse their mission of providing safe, convenient, and local currency solutions for international travelers.

LobalCard travel banking illustration

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